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Corrosivity Testing Special: $800 Sample*


Corrositex® for Safety Data Sheets – ASAP!

Corrositex® is an in vitro method used to determine the dermal corrosive potential of chemicals and chemical mixtures.

Corrositex® has been designed as a replacement for the dermal corrosivity rabbit test based upon proprietary biomembrane and chemical detection technology.  Corrositex® is also OECD approved – OECD Test Guideline 435: Non-Animal Dermal Corrosivity Test for Packing Group Classification.

* For two (2) or more samples sent together; Single (1) sample price: $995

Corrosivity Testing: Kit or Out-Sourced Testing?

in vitro Corrosivity testing - in vitro toxicology
in vitro Corrosivity testing – in vitro toxicology

Hazardous shipping labels can be complex.  There are kits that can be purchased that can satisfy regulatory requirements, but getting a kit alone does not provide they well-being you get when the test is performed by an experienced laboratory with a excellent quality assurance follow up and an acutal report.


Having a test performed by a quality testing lab adds value to your product and shows to your customers that you are dedicated to their safety.

Consider testing with MB Research Labs…..we are your Trusted Testing Partner.

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