In Vitro Cosmetic Safety Testing – NYSCC 2017

MB Research Labs Goes to NYSCC 2017. Offers Quality In Vitro Testing for Cosmetics.

MB Research Labs Goes to NYSCC 2017
MB Research Goes to NYSCC 2017

Visit MB Research @ Booth#1440 for the latest on In Vitro Cosmetic Safety Testing
New York Society of Cosmetic Chemists Supplier’s Day
May 2-3, 2017, Jacob Javits Convention Center, New York, NY

MB Research Labs is a leader in the use and development of
in vitro and alternative toxicology test methods. We specialize in protocols for Eye and Skin Irritation, Corrosivity, Skin Sensitization, Genotoxicity, and Phototoxicity.

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Phototoxicity Testing Services – 3T3 NRU PT

Phototoxicity / Phototoxicology Testing

3T3 NRU PT phototoxicity
3T3 NRU PT phototoxicity

MB Research Labs is a leading in vitro toxicology laboratory that offers toxicological testing services to the cosmetic, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

One of the more important assays offered in the 3T3 Neutral Red Uptake Phototoxicity (3T3 NRU PT) Assay. The 3T3NRUPT is used to screen test materials for the potential of causing photoirritation after exposure to the material and sunlight.

The 3T3 NRU PT was developed and validated in a joint EU/COLIPA project from 1992-1997. In 1996, the 3T3 NRU PT was recommended by OECD as an in vitro approach for the assessment of chemicals phototoxicity potential. In April 2004, the 3T3 NRU PT protocol was finalized and adopted as the OECD 432 protocol, In Vitro 3T3 NRU phototoxicity test.

The 3T3 NRU PT can be utilized to identify the phototoxic effect of a test substance induced by the combination of test substance and light and is based on the comparison of the cytotoxic effect of a test substance when tested after the exposure and in the absence of exposure to a non-cytotoxic dose of UVA/vis light. Cytotoxicity is expressed as a concentration-dependent reduction of the uptake of the vital dye – Neutral Red.

Substances that are phototoxic in vivo after systemic application and distribution to the skin, as well as compounds that could act as phototoxicants after topical application to the skin can be identified by the test. The reliability and relevance of the 3T3 NRU PT have been evaluated and has been shown to be predictive when compared with acute phototoxicity effects in vivo in animals and humans.

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Cosmetic Safety Testing

Cosmetic Products and Ingredient Safety Testing

Cosmetics are required to be safe when consumers use them according to directions in the labeling, or in the customary or expected way.
To ensure the safety of a cosmetic product, manufacturers may conduct cosmetic safety testing.

Cosmetic products and ingredients (except for color additives) do not require FDA approval before being released on the market.
The FDA does not have a list of mandatory tests required for any particular cosmetic product or ingredient. Action can be taken against the manufacturer of a cosmetic on the market if we have reliable
information to show that a cosmetic does not meet the legal requirement for safety.

Color additives are treated differently. Unlike other cosmetic ingredients, color additives (other than coal-tar hair dyes and related materials)
must be approved by the FDA for the specific intended use before they are permitted in cosmetic products.

Your Cosmetic Safety Testing Partner

MB Research has been conducting product safety assessments for the cosmetics, personal care, chemical and pharmaceutical industries for over 40 years and is often sought out by Cosmetics Industry Leaders to ensure the safety their ingredients and aid in the rapid development of products.
We are a leader in the use and development of In Vitro and Alternative Toxicology Tests and continue to introduce new testing methods regularly.

Cosmetic, Beauty and Healthcare product industries are subject to global regulatory requirements such as the EU Cosmetics Directive (76/768/EEC) in response to growing concern over the safety of cosmetic products and their ingredients.

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Need a Trusted Toxicology Testing Partner to Screen your Cosmetics?

NYSCC 2016 – Cosmetic Safety Testing

Cosmetic Safety Testing
Cosmetic Safety Testing

MB Research Labs, a contract toxicology laboratory, will be presenting a trade show booth at the NYSCC Supplier’s Day in Edison, NJ. We specialize in alternative and in vitro toxicology testing of cosmetics and cosmetic ingredients.

If your looking for eye and skin irritation testing…..we are your lab.

We offer many helpful and cost-effective tests that can aid in formulation and screening of your products.

May 10 – 11th. Booth # 1655

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Cosmetics and Personal Care Products Safety Testing

Cosmetics Safety Testing/Personal Care Products Safety Testing
Cosmetics Safety Testing/Personal Care Products Safety Testing “Woman at her toilette”, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, 1889.

Safety Testing Capabilities for Cosmetics and Personal Care Products

In order to address the need for alternative to animal toxicology testing by the cosmetic and personal care products industries, MB Research offers a wide array of in vitro toxicology assays used to assure the safety of their products.

Several assays are available for determining the potential of eye and skin irritation. For harsher ingredients, assays are also available for in vitro corrosivity screening. Many of these test methods are based on the use of 3D human tissue constructs that mimic the epithelia layer of skin or the cornea. Some of these 3D tissues are full-thickness that include an endothelial layer of fibroblasts.

Other key test methods include cytotoxicity tests, phototoxicity screening, dermal sensization (skin allergy screening) and genotoxicity(Ames).

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In Vitro Toxicology Testing of Personal Care & Cosmetic Products

In Vitro Toxicology Testing for Personal Care and Cosmetic Products. MB Research Labs offers a wide variety of in vitro and alternative toxicology assays to ensure the safety of the ingredients used in personal care and cosmetic products.

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I Love In Vitro Toxicology
I Love In Vitro Toxicology