Shipping Corrosive Materials?

in vitro Corrosivity testing - in vitro toxicology
in vitro Corrosivity testing – in vitro toxicology

What is Corrositex®?

Corrositex® is an in vitro method used to determine the dermal corrosive potential of chemicals and chemical mixtures. Corrositex® has been designed as a replacement for the dermal corrosivity rabbit test based upon proprietary bio-membrane and chemical detection technology developed by In Vitro International.

Why Use Corrositex®?

time-buttonTime Savings: Corrositex® testing can provide a Packing Group determination in a matter of minutes and no more than 4 hours, unlike animal testing which can take 2 – 4 weeks.

accuracy-buttonAccuracy: More accurate than pH testing and is packing group specific.

saving-costCost Savings: Reduced shipping charges, additional cost savings workplace safety and MSDS development.


Why Should I Have Corrositex Performed at MB?

  • Unbiased 2nd Party Test Results in a Report Format
  • Reputable Contract Lab with over 40 years of Regulatory Testing Experience
  • We worry about the details. Less Hassle and Effort on your part.

Can I get a discount for having multiple products tested?

Absolutely, we offer aggressive discounting for multiple tests performed at the same time.

If my test material doesn’t cause a change in color in the Corrositex® chemical detection fluid, what then?

Chemicals are prescreened for compatibility with Corrositex® by directly applying the test chemical or chemical mixture to the detection fluid; if a color change is not induced, then the test chemical or chemical mixture does not qualify for testing with Corrositex®. Contact MB Research, we can offer you more testing options.

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